Our past is not connected to photography nor is it on our families DNA, but somehow it conquered our hearts. In the same way at the same time.
Maybe to capture moments like these and make them timeless.

Probably because of that we chose the name INSTANTE (=instant) to this journey – somewhere by the end of 2009 -, far from knowing where it would take us or the amazing people we would meet.

Throwout the years a lot has changed. For starters, we are know four, with the birth of Beatriz and João, instead of two – although sometimes it feels like eight! -, and because of them our dreams became different as well as our projects and priorities had to be reorganized, leaving some free space for the unforeseen things that make life such an interesting ride.

INSTANTE has also evolved. We started two, but in 2016 we became three.

Ladies and gentleman, we present Elisa.

She crossed our path with the "simple" task of replacing Elsa in the first few months after João was born, but we never let her go. With her serene and fun ways, she went from colleague to friend in no more than five minutes.

That she is an outstanding photographer, there were never any doubts - a few examples are the images in this page, and so many more throwout the site and journal -, but the person she proved to be was one of the best surprises we had to this day.

But it didn't stopped here.
The need came to close the team with a fourth element. Needless to say, it couldn't be just anyone with a camera.
Meet Sónia.

It had to be special, and she is.

Amazing company, incredibly fun with some of the most keen eyes we've ever met and perfectionist to the point of making you go crazy.

In summary, the perfect way to close the team.

We’re inspired by what we see, what we feel, by people we meet. All that changed the way we see the world. We are now more focused on the hugs and tears, than dresses and shoes – although a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo will never go unnoticed!

We want to capture what’s best in people, the little smiles and the opened mouth laughs, the toasts and surprises and, again, the hugs and the tears, because – who knew? – this is what life is all about! We want to be part of stories with a happy ending and we want to tell them, with our images.

Simple like that.