To new beginnings
and all the amazing things that follows

Hey guys!

First, we’d like to thank you for staying there in the last few weeks.

We were attacked by asian hackers! Apparently, we are not big in Japan, but we’re great in Indonesia!! Go figure… 🙂

That said, and although we were thinking about redesigning the website, it was only supposed to happen in a few months… Which meant doing a lot of work in a couple of weeks. But, well, that was the good part…
The bad was losing lots of posts with lots os great memories, that won’t be migrating to this new blog. Technically, it was possible, but we felt it was time let them go…

In these years we’ve been lucky enough to meet some unbelievable people with unbelievably amazing stories. Some of which were shared in the past.
They will always be part of us… of our own story.

Being pushed to this path, we took it as an opportunity to start fresh, with renewed faith in love and photography, with an even greater focus in telling true stories of real people. And we absolute intend to show you all of that!

So, stay with us a little longer! Cool stuff is coming…

And we promise it will be worth it… 😉

Elsa, Rui, Elisa and Sónia.

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